the end is near

Entry #3
Thursday, April 27, 2017

The semester is quickly coming to a close and I’m NOT READY.  I mean I’m ready for this mess of a semester to be over but I’m not prepared for these finals lol. There’s too much to do and I’m barely doing any of it. Like writing that 5-7 page research paper that’s due next Thursday that I haven’t even begun to start on. And I know how I get about writing papers so I really shoulda started on this a couple weeks ago smh.

I’m excited for the piece I’m doing for my digital fabrication class though. It’s based on my current favorite album (The Drum Chord Theory by Matt Martians, go buy it on iTunes and it’s probably the most time I’ve spent working on anything this whole semester. I feel like it’s not gonna get the response that I want in critique though. Like to me it’s great, I love it, and it has a lot of meaning for me personally. But not everyone is gonna feel that. I’m like 99% sure that no one else in my class has even heard the album or about Matt Martians, unless they listen to The Internet, and even then I bet they don’t even know anyone’s name in the band except for Syd, which I can’t even be mad about cuz I was the same way a few months ago.

But anyways, I feel like there’s probably more I could do with the piece but honestly, I like it the way it is. And I hate that the work I gravitate towards making isn’t enough. Like there’s always that extra mile I could go but I don’t. Because I’m lazy or do I just genuinely like it like that? Probably a combination of both. Either way I’m still excited for the piece just to see it full installed (maybe I’ll post pictures of it) and whether I get a good critique or not I am proud of myself for putting in so much effort and really following through with my vision. Part of me doesn’t even feel like I have the right to take credit for it though because I feel like I didn’t do that much work?? Like I’m laser-cutting audio waves onto plywood and that’s where a lot of the beauty comes from and I didn’t really make that?? Like I just plugged the song into the software and it gave me the audio waves. And all I did was tell a computer what to laser-cut and then press play on the machine.



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