the thing with dating apps…

Entry #2
Friday, April 21, 2017
11:03 pm

Can we talk about dating apps for a minute? I fuckin hate this shit and I wanna delete my account immediately. I had tried the HER app a while back but I deleted it and I just made an OkCupid and now I already wanna delete it. Like talking to other people is nerve-wracking and I never know what to say. Like you’re cute and I wanna talk to you but I literally have nothing to say. Nothing. Like I didn’t even say hi or anything to this one girl, I just started off with a question: what’s your favorite music to listen to? Like that’s a pretty broad topic and we both had stuff about music in our bios so I thought maybe that would give us a lot to talk about but homegirl is doin the most and taking a super long time to respond so we have a total of 5 messages between us over 2 days.

This shit makes me too anxious and I don’t have time for it!!! Like damn I’m just tryna get a girlfriend but I honestly think I’d rather just meet someone in person.


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